TAX REVOLT REVOLT….Chris Hayes is down in Texas schmoozing with legislators and reports a change of mood. Turns out that even in Texas there are Republicans who have figured out that spending on social programs is generally pretty popular:

Just had an interesting interview with a Republican State Senator in which he raised an interesting point. Basically, he was complaining about how the conservative movement had essentially been reduced to one single, inviolable principle: never raise taxes ever. It’s crazy he said….”The notion that these are programs Democrats want and Republicans abhor may have been true thirty years ago, but I feel like there’s been a shift. Now, everybody wants the programs, but one group [the Republicans] is unwilling to pay for them, and the other group [the Democrats] is unable to pay for them.”

It’s just one more hint that, as Mark Schmitt wrote for us last month, the era of the tax revolt is coming to a close. You simply can’t run a political party on that, and nothing but that, forever.

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