NEWS YOU CAN USE….Actually, I hope this is news you don’t ever have to use, but it can’t hurt to be prepared:

Overturning a century of conventional medical wisdom, Japanese researchers reported Thursday that simple chest compressions without mouth-to-mouth ventilation save twice as many heart attack victims as traditional CPR.

The findings could have important implications in emergency medicine. As many as three-quarters of bystanders who observe a heart attack in a stranger decline to perform CPR, fearing infectious diseases.

….”Most people do better with compressions only,” said Dr. Paul E. Pepe, head of the emergency medicine department at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School….But experts cautioned that the new rules applied only to people who collapsed suddenly from a heart attack. Those suffering from respiratory arrest, including victims of drowning and drug overdoses, still require conventional CPR.

You are now free to make Dick Cheney jokes in comments.

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