BIG SISTER….I finally watched all of the famous Hillary/1984 YouTube mashup last night, and it didn’t do much for me. (I started to watch it once before but got bored after 20 seconds and quit. This time I got through the entire 1:13!) Marc Cooper’s daughter wasn’t impressed either. But Time’s Joe Klein was:

I disagreed — quietly, in a loyal and seemly fashion — with Time’s Person of the Year last December. But ads like this one, which will have an impact on this campaign, indicate that I was wrong. You are, apparently, not only the Person of the Year, but also the Political Consultants of the future. Wonder how Hillary’s paid help will respond.

OK, so now I’m curious: tell me in comments what you think of this video. Were you pro-Hillary, anti-Hillary, or don’t-care-about-Hillary before watching it? How about after? Any change?

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