GORE SPEAKS….David Roberts is liveblogging Al Gore’s testimony before Congress today. Here’s a snippet:

Dennis Hastert: Costs, costs, costs. You can tax the American people, or you can have economic activity and investment. Huh? Lots of your recommendations are more taxation and regulation — that will depress the free market. [I read it in an Econ. 101 textbook once.] I agree about basic climate change, though I’m uncertain about human contribution. Now you’re a movie star …

Gore: “Rin Tin Tin was a movie star. I just have a slideshow.”

The whole thing is fascinating and amusing, and aside from Hastert and Joe Barton it sounds like the Republicans managed to keep from being quite as moronic as usual on the subject. Gore did a good job.

However, if all you want is the nickel summary of Gore’s legislative recommendations, here they are.

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