EGYPTIAN REFERENDUM UPDATE….The polls have closed in Egypt and Marc Lynch reports that turnout was abysmal — though it’s not likely that this will be reflected in the official results. Also:

Most Arab outlets are reporting that Condoleeza Rice softened her criticisms of the referendum after meeting with Mubarak. How humiliating, how predictable. Abou el-Gheit is spooning out the terrorism angle — we must do this to protect ourselves, just as you did with your Patriot Act — and Rice (and at least some of the media) seems to be eating it up whatever the flavor. Yes, how could Egypt possibly fight its great terror menace while judges are supervising elections?

So what results do you think the Egyptian government will announce? I’ll go with 80% — high enough to be “overwhelming approval” but not so high that it gets into mockworthy Saddam Hussein territory. Place your own bet in comments.