GOODLING….Via Max, the Washington Post has a short profile of Monica Goodling, the DOJ hack who rose through the ranks to become Alberto Gonzales’s counsel:

Part of a generation of young religious conservatives who swept into the federal government after the election of President Bush in 2000, Goodling displayed unblinking devotion to the administration and expected others to do the same.

….To her detractors, Goodling was an enforcer of political loyalty who was not squeamish about firings — of interns or of senior officials.

“She forced many very talented, career people out of main Justice so she could replace them with junior people that were either loyal to the administration or would score her some points,” said a former career Justice official who spoke on the condition of anonymity, citing fear of reprisal.

That’s only her detractors, though. Her admirers think she was great. After all, actual experience and subject area expertise are not qualities held in high esteem within the Bush administration.

Oh, and one other thing: Sheldon Whitehouse pointed out yesterday that, for some reason, Goodling is still employed at the Justice Department even though “the department encourages corporations to fire employees who refuse to cooperate with government investigations.” I guess taking the 5th is OK as long as you’re a loyal Bushie.

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