MARK KLEIMAN WATCH….Since I was busy with Easter festivities tonight, I’m outsourcing this post to Mark Kleiman. Check this stuff out:

  • A Guantanamo interrogator told a prisoner that his mother would be brought to Gitmo — with her being raped as an obvious threat hanging in the background — if he didn’t start talking.

  • Apparently both George Bush and the State Department were told about Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Syria beforehand and neither one raised any objections. See also Josh Marshall on the same subject.

  • Rachel Paulose, the 33-year-old U.S. Attorney in Minnesota who was “coronated” recently and has since suffered mass resignations from her senior managers, may have asked one of those managers to lie to high-ranking DOJ officials. Seems like an allegation worth following up on, no?

  • Rudy Giuliani is unaware of whether North Korea or Iran is further along on its nuclear program.

  • A distinguished constitutional scholar (and former Marine colonel) says that he was put on TSA’s no-fly list, and when he asked why was told that it was probably because he had delivered an anti-Bush speech. Participating in a peace march would have done it too.

Click on all the links. Then bang yourself on the forehead with a hammer a few times to make the pain go away.