BUSH TO CONGRESS: DROP DEAD….Ah, I see that our president is being his usual conciliatory self:

President Bush on Tuesday invited Democrats to discuss their standoff over a war-spending bill, but he made clear he would not change his position opposing troop withdrawals. The White House bluntly said the meeting would not be a negotiation.

….”At this meeting, the leaders in Congress can report on progress on getting an emergency spending bill to my desk,” Bush said. “We can discuss the way forward on a bill that is a clean bill, a bill that funds our troops without artificial timetables for withdrawal and without handcuffing our generals on the ground. I’m hopeful we’ll see some results soon from the Congress.”

….In essence, Bush invited the Democratic leaders of Congress to come hear the stance he has offered for weeks.

What an offer! I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t be thrilled to be summoned to yet another version of Bush’s self-righteous lecture about how anyone who disagrees with him is abandoning the troops. Sounds like a party waiting to happen.

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