IMUS?….Is there anything we can talk about this morning other than Don Imus? No? That leaves me….um….without much to say.

About Imus himself, I’ve only heard him a few times and he’s always struck me as just a standard issue shock jock. In other words, pretty uninteresting to anyone over the age of 18 or with an IQ in triple digits. Still there are plenty of juvenile radio hosts around, so whatever. The part I’ve never gotten is how his show became such a magnet for celebrities and serious politicians of all stripes. What’s the story behind that? I’ve always gotten the impression that Imus’s show is treated like some kind of extra-dimensional zone where you’re allowed to say anything you want and it doesn’t really count as having been said in the real world. Weird.

Anyway, I read God’s Other Son about a decade or two ago and it was painfully unfunny. That pretty much exhausts my knowledge of the guy, so I guess I’ll go scan the headlines to see if anything else is going on today. In the meantime, feel free to deconstruct the Imus phenomenon in comments.