HEALTHCARE IN CANUCKISTAN….Despite the seemingly endless stream of scare stories peddled by the insurance industry and its conservative enablers about the nearly third-world condition of Canadian healthcare (hip replacements!) it turns out that a review of all the known studies comparing Canadian and American health outcomes gives Canucks the nod. Ezra Klein has the details:

Of the 38 studies examined, 14 showed clear advantaged for Canadian patients, five suggested US care was superior, and the remainder were mixed….How can we possibly countenance a system that costs twice as much as the Canadian system but delivers slightly worse care? Even assuming diminishing returns, our expenditures should result in care outcomes at least 20% or 30% better than Canada’s. Instead, they’re about 5% worse, but cost around 187%. Does it sound like we’re getting a good deal?

Maybe not, but did you know that Canada has waiting lines for some hip replacements?!? Seriously. They do. Clearly this means that national healthcare would be a disaster. As for the rest of the elephant behind the curtain, please ignore it.