WORLD OPINION….I have to say that PIPA’s periodic polls of world opinion fascinate me. It’s not the overall results so much, which are often predictable, but because they always seem to have at least one weird outlier. Take this one, for example.

Basically, the question they’re asking seems useless. I mean, how many people in other countries are going to say that the United States ought to be the preeminent world leader in anything? Conversely, how many are going to say that we ought to just withdraw from the world entirely? Hardly any, and that’s what the poll mostly shows. Even Americans don’t think we ought to be the world’s preeminent problem solvers.

But then there are the outliers. Israel, I understand. Ditto for the Philippines and South Korea. But India? By a wide margin, Indians are more pro-American than any other country. When did that happen?

Conversely, the pro-America vote is only 1% in Argentina. When did Argentina become the most anti-American country in the world? Even the French and the Palestinians are more sympathetic to a leading role for the U.S. Weird.

On another subject, nearly all of the countries surveyed thought the United States pretty much ignored their interests when making foreign policy decisions. In one country, though, a remarkable 82% believe the United States routinely takes their interests into account. Can you guess which one it is?

The full report is here.