THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS….You learn all sorts of interesting things when you meet with the president, I guess. Take Nancy Pelosi. On Wednesday she learned that the firestorm of criticism she received a couple of weeks ago for traveling to Syria had nothing to do with the president at all:

“I would rather not go into the details of the conversation,” the speaker said in an interview. But she confirmed that the president apparently drew a distinction between his criticizing her and rebukes delivered by his press office and others in the administration.

“He just said, ‘I didn’t criticize your trip to Syria,’” Pelosi said. “In the course of the conversation, he said, ‘I didn’t criticize your trip.’”

Asked if she was surprised, Pelosi laughed. “Surprised? I’m beyond surprise.”

To summarize then: When the vice president rips into you and the White House press office rips into you, that doesn’t mean the president himself is upset. In fact, even when the president himself rips into you, it doesn’t mean the president himself is upset. Consider me enlightened.

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