DECONSTRUCTING NEWT….I think Newt Gingrich has finally died and been replaced by a Newtbot. You know, one of those computer games where you type in a few initial subjects and it spits out some related nonsense prose in the style of a famous author. In this case, the author is Newt Gingrich.

Or maybe, as in one of those old Superman comics, Newt has died and been replaced by a full-blown Newt robot. Except the power supply is running down and the poor thing is reduced to spouting nonsense in a vaguely Newt-esque style.

Or….maybe Newt is still alive, but thanks to an alien virus even he can’t talk like Newt anymore. He can only produce a parody of 1994-vintage Newt. That’s probably it.

Seriously, does this even make any sense at all? Isn’t it time to stop inviting a guy who talks like this onto Sunday morning talk shows?