FRENCH ELECTIONS….According to Belgium’s Belga news agency (via the Guardian), exit polls show that the winners of the first round of today’s French election are the Conservative, Nicolas Sarkozy, and the Socialist, Ségolène Royal. Jerome a Paris has some background here. And as long as you’re over there, I also recommend last week’s monster fisking of the Economist’s endorsement of Sarkozy. It’s not that I agree with everything Jerome said in it, just that it might possibly be the most thorough and spectacular example ever committed to pixels of an old and fading genre. Brings back memories.

UPDATE: Officially released exit polls confirm the early results. From the BBC: “Centre-right Mr Sarkozy won 30%, ahead of Ms Royal of the Socialists on 25.2%. Centrist Francois Bayrou got 18.3% and the far-right Jean-Marie Le Pen 11.5%.”

UPDATE 2: Final results:

  • Nicolas Sarkozy — 31.1%

  • Ségolène Royal — 25.8%

  • Francois Bayrou — 18.6%

  • Jean-Marie Le Pen — 10.5%

  • Other lefties — 10%

  • Other righties — 3.5%