WHY WERE THEY FIRED?….James Comey, the #2 guy at the Justice Department until July 2005, testified before Congress today about the eight U.S. Attorneys who were fired last December:

Comey was effusive in his praise of several of the fired prosecutors, saying that only Kevin Ryan of San Francisco had serious management difficulties.

He described Paul K. Charlton of Arizona as “one of the best,” said he had a “very positive view” of David C. Iglesias of New Mexico, and called Daniel Bogden of Las Vegas “straight as a Nevada highway and a fired-up guy.” In regards to John McKay of Seattle, Comey said: “I was inspired by him.”

Perhaps most damaging to the Justice Department was Comey’s description of Carol C. Lam of San Diego as “a fine U.S. attorney.”

So, um, why were these prosecutors fired again? Gonzales & Co. still haven’t managed to come up with a story suitable for public consumption, and after all this time I don’t imagine they’re going to come up with one now. That only leaves one alternative: the reason they were fired isn’t suitable for public consumption. No surprise there.

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