NO MORE MYSPACE….A few days ago the military restricted blogs written by soldiers. Now there’s this:

The Defense Department began blocking access on its computers to YouTube, MySpace and 11 other Web sites yesterday, severing some of the most popular ties linking U.S. troops in combat areas to their far-flung relatives and friends, and depriving soldiers of a favorite diversion from the boredom of overseas duty.

….Senior officers said they enacted the worldwide ban out of concern that the rapidly increasing use of these sites threatened to overwhelm the military’s private Internet network and risk the disclosure of combat-sensitive material.

The bandwidth argument is obviously bogus. There are fairly straightforward ways of allocating bandwidth if overuse of MySpace or YouTube is causing genuine infrastructure problems. They just want to restrict images of war flowing in both directions.

TV brought the Vietnam War home to Americans in the 60s, and today the internet is doing the same for the Iraq War in the 00s. The military didn’t like it then and they don’t like it now. Plus ca change…..