FRIDAY ANNIVERSARY BLOGGING….If it’s Matt’s birthday today it must be my anniversary. And sure enough, it is: Marian and I were married 16 years ago today. Don’t we look young and cute in our wedding picture? And don’t our flower girl and ring bearer look even younger and cuter? They’re both getting ready to graduate from college soon.

According to Wikipedia, on this same date 16 years ago, Helen Sharman from Sheffield became the first Briton to orbit in space and Northern Somalia declared independence from the rest of Somalia as the Republic of Somaliland. Hooray for Somaliland! Other famous events on this day include Napoleon’s proclamation as emperor, the publication of Dracula, the disappearance of Aimee Semple McPherson — who, by the way, lived a few houses down the street from my mother’s childhood home — and the eruption of Mt. St. Helens. Famous births include Omar Khayyam, Pope John Paul II, and George Strait. Let’s all take the weekend off in celebration.

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