MYSTERIOUS QUOTE OF THE DAY….Spencer Ackerman asks Colonel Haider, the commander of Khadimiya Police Station in Baghad, about infiltration of the police force by men loyal to Shiite militias:

The MOI is the Ministry of Interior, arguably the most powerful department in the Iraqi bureaucracy. It has control of the police, and since 2005 it has been an instrument of Shiite political power….Haider gets nervous when I press him about MOI complicity with the militias. He picks up a can of Pepsi from his desk. “I can’t say anything about the MOI, but here’s an example. This is a soda. You know what it is, and what it consists of.”

Say what?

As for the rest of the piece, it confirms that, yes, the police are heavily infiltrated; everyone accepts that there’s not much we can do about this; but maybe things can be improved a little bit if we stick around for another year or two. Or three or four. Maybe.