DOBSON ON ABORTION….Via Scott Lemieux, I see that hardline abortion opponents are unhappy with James Dobson because of his support for a ban on partial birth abortions. One of his critics believes, shockingly, that Dobson uses the partial birth abortion bogeyman primarily as a fundraising tool, while another says the recent Supreme Court ban is useless: “This will never save a single child, because…there are lots of other techniques, and they even encourage abortionists to find less shocking means to kill late-term babies,” he said.

Fine. Let ’em fight. But the response from Dobson’s spokesman, Tom Minnery, was unusually revealing:

Doctors adopted the late-term procedure “out of convenience,” Minnery added. “The old procedure, which is still legal, involves using forceps to pull the baby apart in utero, which means there is greater legal liability and danger of internal bleeding from a perforated uterus. So we firmly believe there will be fewer later-term abortions as a result of this ruling.”

Let me get this straight. Dobson agrees that in many cases the IDX procedure is the safest one available, and that’s why doctors have adopted it. So the purpose of the ban is to force them to use more dangerous procedures. If a few extra mothers die or experience serious trauma as a result, well, them’s the breaks.

Excuse me while I retch.