BRZEZINSKI ON IRAN….Matt’s at a foreign policy conference today and reports back:

Zbigniew Brzezinski at the conference says the US and Israel should try to put their demands for Iranian disarmament in the context of support for a regional nuclear-free zone (i.e., Israeli nuclear disarmament). After all, he says, if we’re supposed to believe that Israel’s nuclear arsenal isn’t a sufficient deterrent to ensure Israeli security in the face of Iran’s nuclear program, then it obviously isn’t a very valuable asset.

This sounds smart to me.

Am I missing something here? This doesn’t sound smart. It sounds absurd.

Here’s how it would go: The U.S. makes the regional disarmament pitch. The Iranian government says “You bet! Let’s have a conference!” The Israelis either refuse outright or else join the conference but decline to negotiate their nuclear status in any serious way. After all, they’re no more willing to give up their nuclear arms than we are. After a decent interval Iran emerges and sadly declares that they gave it their best shot but the Zionist entity is unwilling to commit to a nuclear-free Middle East. That being the case, why shouldn’t they have nuclear weapons too?

I’m not ready to bomb Tehran, but I also don’t see the point in handing Iran an almost guaranteed diplomatic triumph. What is Brzezinski smoking?

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