TECH BLEGS….If you’re tired of my using this blog for technology blegs, you should skip this post. If not, I have two questions. Any help appreciated.

  1. Yesterday a reader sent me a little icon called a “favicon” to go with the site. It’s the icon that shows up in the URL bar of your browser, or next to the bookmark if you have the site bookmarked. I loaded it into our root directory as instructed, but apparently it only shows up in Safari. In Explorer and Firefox, no luck. Does anyone know why?

  2. I intermittently have problems getting to certain sites. A couple of months ago Salon went dead for a week, and then suddenly became accessible again. Then a few days later another site went out. Then ThinkProgress went down, and right now it’s Slate. The behavior is the same each time: For about a week or so I get a “Server not Found” error when I try to get to the site, and then it abruptly reappears and everything is fine.

    This time, though, I discovered by accident that Slate is only inaccessible if I go there directly from a bookmark. If I click over from another site, it’s fine. This behavior is the same in both Firefox and Explorer. Anyone have any clues about what’s going on?

That is all. Normal blogging will now resume.

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