Senator McCain chronicles a year of leisurely walks, garden parties, and outdoor cooking in a region he describes as conveying a feeling of safety I have not known since the womb.

The Ohio congressman and perennial presidential candidates first foray into fiction is best described by the books subtitle: He didnt eat meat, but he was an animal.

Join the greatest lover in the history of the World Bank as he explores such positions as the Avenging Eagle, the Chicken Hawk, and Kvetch Landing on Subordinate.

A week-by-week look at your gay partners pregnancyand a great companion book to Lynne Cheneys recently released childrens book, My Two MommiesAre An Affront Before God.

Americas Mayor shares lessons from 9/11, stories from 9/11, and other sentences with the words Giuliani and 9/11 in them. He also explains why he actually looked into legally changing his first, middle, and last names to September, Eleventh, and 2001and the impact 9/11 had on his fourth, fifth, and sixth marriages.

Governor Romney shares why he cares about the issues he (currently) cares about, and how his values were shaped by the state(s) he (currently) calls home.

Here, Barack Obama tells the inspirational story of how the son of a Kenyan and a Kansan has come to raise so much money from a whole lot of Jews.