NEW BLOG WATCH….A bit of laziness on my part combined with my vacation last week has prevented me from drawing your attention to some new blogs that are worth a look. I’ve already bookmarked them and will probably be linking to them in the future. Here they are:

  • The Daily Strategist, new home of Ed Kilgore, who has moved there from his old home at New Donkey. Ed writes lots of provocative stuff and brings lots of practical experience to the table as well.

  • Interesting Times, a new blog by one of my favorite writers, George Packer. It’s updated only intermittently, but still worth checking out. It appears that Packer has finally been seduced by the dark side.

  • Open Left, from Matt Stoller and Chris Bowers, formerly of MyDD. It’s a brand new community blog that is “trying to bring progressive activists and professionals from ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ the political establishment into regular, thoughtful, and active connection with one another.”

UPDATE: Yes, yes, this one too:

  • Brian Beutler, the official blog of, um, Brian Beutler. I’ve been reading Brian’s blog regularly for the past few weeks but forgot about it when I wrote this post. Sorry, Brian!

So when do I become a Beutler Approved Site, anyway?

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