SPARE ME….Today, Anne Applebaum takes to the Washington Post to sniff at all the people who have offered ideas about what we should do in Iraq. Apparently, they are all unserious:

More troops? I hardly need to elaborate on what’s wrong with that plan.

….Fewer troops?….So, in the midst of a vast civil war, small groups of Americans will withdraw to some neutral outposts and announce that they would no longer like to be shot at, please?

….No troops?….How many of the people who clamor for intervention in Darfur will also be clamoring to rush back into Iraq when full-scale ethnic cleansing starts taking place?….I’m not saying there will be such a catastrophe, but there could be.

Well, we have to do something, don’t we? The least serious approach of all is to sit back, pretend that no one else recognizes the gravity of the situation, and then explain patronizingly that “there are no obvious solutions in Iraq.” Thanks for the tip, Anne.