REPUBLICAN CHUTZPAH WATCH….Via Steve Benen, the Washington Times reports on the latest campaign strategy from the Republican Party:

Senate Republicans are preparing to take aim at Majority Leader Harry Reid over the August recess for being “all talk but no action”….”We really ought to be asking why this Democrat leadership won’t allow Congress to move forward on serious policy debates,” [Sen. John] Kyl said, when asked about the talking-points memorandum he is circulating.

You have to give Republicans points for consistency. They bring the Senate to a halt and then blame Democrats for not getting anything done. They destroy FEMA’s ability to respond to natural disasters and then hold it up as an example of why you can’t trust government to do anything right. They lose a war via unparalleled military incompetence and then claim that liberals are defeatists for pointing it out. They spend 20 years claiming that Social Security is going bankrupt and then use the resulting public insecurity about Social Security as an explanation for why the whole system needs to be privatized.

I could go on, but you get the idea. The question is, will the press help them pass along their latest ode to chutzpah or will they instead give it the mockery it deserves? Unfortunately, I think we know where the smart money is.