NO MORE CRITICS?….Is it true that war critics have all been marginalized? That they no longer get invited to appear on TV? That “their temerity to poop in the punchbowl of the very serious people who failed their country made them rather unwelcome,” as Atrios puts it?

Yeah, probably. But isn’t the real dynamic here that…..nothing happened? That the people who show up on TV are the same people who showed up before the war? That neither being right nor being wrong really made any difference? As near as I can tell, talk show bookers just kept on inviting the same people as always and couldn’t have cared less about how their war predictions panned out. I mean, it’s not like Scott Ritter was getting lots of Nightline gigs before the war either, was he?

Anyway, no larger point here, really. But the anti-war folks didn’t disappear from the TV. They were never really there in the first place.

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