UP IS DOWN AND VICE-VERSA….Juan Cole is pissed:

I saw on CNN this smarmy Bush administration official come and and say that US troop deaths had fallen because of the surge, which is why we should support it. Just read the following chart bottom to top and compare 2006 month by month to 2007. US troop deaths haven’t fallen. They are way up.

….How brain dead do the Bushies think we are, peddling this horse manure that US troop deaths have fallen? (There are always seasonal variations because in the summer it is 120 F. in the shade and guerrillas are too heat-exhausted to fight; but the summer 2007 numbers are much greater than those for summer 2006; that isn’t progress.) And why does our corporate media keep repeating this Goebbels-like propaganda? Do we really live in an Orwellian state?

I’ll leave that last question to Atrios, who, if memory serves, is pretty good at answering questions like that. My part in this is simpler. Prof. Cole wants someone to turn his troop fatality numbers into a graph to make it clear exactly what he’s talking about, and obviously I’m your man for that kind of grunt work. So here it is. Pictorial evidence that troop fatalities in Iraq are down1 this year, just like surge proponents are saying. Pay attention, Congress.

1See post title for clarification of commonly accepted surge terminology conventions.