LOOKING FOR THE SILVER LINING….Yes, yes, Los Angeles has the worst traffic in the United States according to the 2007 Urban Mobility Report released today. By way of example, the 7-mile stretch of the 405 that goes from my house to my mother’s house is a one-hour trip at rush hour. I can’t really figure out why, either, since it goes from nowhere to nowhere and clears up significantly within a mile or two of each end. Why that one special stretch? Beats me. But that’s the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana SMSA for you.

Anyway, our national media, always reporting the bad news instead of the good, is naturally focusing on the most congested areas. But I say, how about congratulating the winners instead?

  • Congratulations Philadelphia, least congested among Very Large urban areas!

  • Congratulations Buffalo, least congested among Large urban areas!

  • Congratulations Akron and Rochester, least congested among Medium urban areas!

  • Congratulations Brownsville and Spokane, least congested among Small urban areas!

And that’s your cheerful news for the day. If you happen to be planning to move to one of these cities, that is.