REVISING AND EXTENDING….Last week Arnold told California Republicans that the GOP was “dying at the box office.” On Wednesday he explained what he really meant:

If I see you gaining weight and gaining weight and gaining weight, I would eventually — if I cared at all about you — I would say: “You know something? If you continue this way, you may get into serious trouble. You may get a heart attack or have problems with diabetes and stuff like that and can’t move around as quickly and get tired.

“But here is what I would do if I were you: I would go and exercise every day, stop eating at night, eat only two meals, be disciplined and blah, blah, blah, all of those kind of things. I will give you a plan and you can follow it or not.

“So it’s not I’m criticizing you. It just really means I care about you, and I want you to live and feel as good as I do and do as well as I do.” And that’s what I basically did with the Republican Party.

Also: he thinks Rudy will be the Republican nominee for president. Why? Because he’s “the most consistent, stable person” out there. Hoo boy. The Republican Party must be in even worse shape than he thinks.