PAUL KRUGMAN, NON-RADICAL….Tyler Cowen on Paul Krugman’s new book, The Conscience of a Liberal:

Krugman calls for single-payer health insurance, tax hikes, and raising the minimum wage. He doesn’t come off as all that radical.

But that’s the whole point. Krugman isn’t that radical. Neither am I. Neither is most of the liberal blogosphere. Just ask Max Sawicky’s ghost.

This isn’t like the 90s, when a small group of clearly unhinged nutbags hijacked the public discourse and led an idiot’s crusade against Bill Clinton. This time it’s moderate squishes like me and moderate non-squishes like Paul Krugman carrying the pitchforks. Anyone who doesn’t understand deep in their bones why this has happened doesn’t really understand what’s been going on in America for the past decade. I’d put about half the press corps in that category. Your mileage might vary.