TRIAD….Earlier today I linked to Matt Cooper’s Portfolio piece about Fred Thompson’s poor showing during his 1997 investigation of campaign finance abuse in the 1996 election. However, Cooper didn’t answer a key question: why did Thompson end the hearings before he was able to dig up any serious dirt on the Democrats? Was he really bucking his own party by shutting things down?

Well, maybe. But here’s what the Democrats themselves had to say about the hearings:

One of the most unfortunate aspects of this entire investigation was the decision by the Majority to unilaterally reverse its pledge to the Minority that the Minority would be afforded three hearing days in October or November, 1997. The Minority was prepared to use the promised hearing days to educate the American people about Triad.

Hmmm. Triad. Wuzzat? And why was Thompson so eager to prevent the Dems from taking testimony about it? Media Matters has more.