WOMEN IN POLITICS….Zephyr Teachout and Kelly Nuxoll take a look at senior campaign staffs to see who’s got good gender balance and who doesn’t. Nickel summary: Clinton, Richardson, Romney, and Huckabee are pretty balanced. Obama, Edwards, and Thompson favor men. Giuliani heavily favors men (his usual gaggle of “Yesrudys,” no doubt). McCain, for some reason, isn’t listed, perhaps because he no longer has a campaign staff left.

Of course, if you really want to see a testosterone imbalance, check out each candidate’s list of foreign policy advisors: a grand total of 7 women out of 148 advisors. I didn’t break this down when I first commented on it earlier this month, but here are the details based on the Washington Post’s list:

  • Hillary Clinton: 2 of 21

  • Barack Obama: 4 of 23

  • John Edwards: 0 of 11

  • Rudy Giuliani: 1 of 33

  • John McCain: 0 of 35

  • Mitt Romney: 0 of 25

It’s time to try a little harder, folks.

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