MORE HOOVERNOMICS….So I just get through speculating that the bursting of the housing bubble might be responsible for the growing number of people who trust Democrats more than Republicans to manage the economy, and what pops up on the front page of the LA Times? A story about the housing bubble turning Republicans into Independents and Democrats:

The national downturn in the housing market has arrived in Loudoun County, a once-largely rural area on the western fringes of Washington [D.C.] that has become one of the fastest-growing regions in the United States. In addition to the economic effect, it’s stirring anxiety and discontent that have begun to change the climate in which people consider politics — especially some Republicans.

“I used to consider myself a Republican, but now I consider myself an independent,” [Karla] Schroeder said.

The shift is not confined to one county in the mid-Atlantic region. Similar rumblings of discontent can be heard among GOP voters in fast-growing areas across the country that are being hit by the housing crunch, including parts of Florida and Nevada.

….Tom Slade, who helped build the Florida Republican Party and is a former state chairman, knows firsthand the anxieties stirred by the housing downturn, and he thinks the political fallout could be significant.

….”How deep, bad and big this monster will turn out to be is not clear yet, but it has the potential to turn wickedly mean,” Slade said. “Who gets the biggest thumping is anyone’s guess, but I would guess it would be the Republicans since we’ve had control of the executive branch.”

The piece is mostly anecdotal, but interesting anyway. The housing bubble so far has been only a minor issue in the campaign, but I wonder if it has the potential to become a much bigger one if somebody decides to really take it on?