GAMMA QUADRANT UPDATE….I’m curious: does anyone know where all the Ron Paul fans come from? Not only does my short little Ron Paul post from this afternoon have nearly 300 comments already, but within hours of posting it I had gotten over a dozen emails from Ron Paul fans who were outraged that I had insulted him (“His family is certainly upset as I’m sure he is as well,” one emailer wrote, overestimating my influence by several orders of magnitude at least). Most of the emails were the usual collection of ALL CAPS and exclamation points that we’ve come to know and love on the intertubes, insisting that I’d see the light if only I’d open my mind and read what Dr. Paul had to say.

Well, sure. Whatever. But where do they come from? Did my post get linked at some important Ron Paul site? Do Ron Paul supporters have RSS feeds set up to keep them apprised of anyone anywhere who blogs about Ron Paul? Do I just have a lot of Ron Paul supporters among my usual readership?

For purposes of comparison, I’ve never gotten more than one or two emails at most when I’ve criticized any other candidate. Usually zero. So what’s the deal? Where do they all come from?

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