LAME DUCK….The latest from the White House:

President Bush vetoed a $606 billion spending bill Tuesday that would have funded education, health and labor programs for the current fiscal year, complaining that it was larded with pork and too expensive as he took aim at a top priority of the new Democratic Congress.

….[Dana] Perino said Democrats did not work with the White House on the bill and stuffed more than 2,000 pet projects known as earmarks into it, despite campaign pledges to restrain themselves. Bush, she said, “will ask Congress to take out the pork and reduce the overall spending level and return it to him quickly.”

It’s funny how much more opposed Bush is to Democratic pork than he was to Republican pork, isn’t it?

But whatever. I don’t think anyone seriously believes that Bush really cares about the earmarks in this bill. Basically, he seems to have decided that the only way to stay relevant is to veto stuff. Within the borders of the United States, it’s pretty much the only influence he has left. Democrats don’t care about him, Republicans wish he’d go away, and the American public is bored with his snooze-inducing speeches. What else can he do to attract attention?

(The answer is: Start a fight with Iran, of course. Letting him play with his veto pen is obviously preferable, no?)

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