TUMORS AND THE GOP….Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, and Fred Thompson are all cancer survivors. All three are also Republican candidates for president and have offered up proposals to provide healthcare for the uninsured:

But under the plans all three have put forward, cancer survivors such as themselves could not be sure of getting coverage — especially if they were not already covered by a government or job-related plan and had to seek insurance as individuals.

“Unless it’s in a state that has very strong consumer protections, they would likely be denied coverage,” said economist Paul Fronstin of the Employee Benefit Research Institute, who has reviewed the candidates’ proposals. “People with preexisting conditions would not be able to get coverage or would not be able to afford it.”

….A Giuliani advisor says the former mayor’s campaign is aware of the coverage problem and debating how to address it.

McCain, who has offered the most detailed plan, has made a commitment to improve coverage for the sickest people by working with the states, and he has outlined some ideas he would try to carry out.

Thompson’s plan is a broad sketch at this point, and an advisor said specific options on coverage remained in development.

Translation: Um, er, look! Halley’s comet!