THE GOP’S FOREIGN POLICY….Moira Whelan notes that none of the Republican candidates in Wednesday’s debate so much as mentioned the word “Annapolis”:

Not only that, these guys were allowed to skate by with only sweeping assertions about “radical Islam” and the like. Not a single candidate was asked to address in detail what they would do to address the challenges we face…except to say that we should face them. No policy proposals, no tough ideas, just rhetoric.

That’s because the Republican Party doesn’t have a foreign policy anymore. For some reason, CNN chose to air only two questions directly related to foreign policy last night, which may seem irresponsible at first glance but actually turned out to be a sign of prescient good judgment on their part. After all, the first question produced nothing but bluster from Rudy Guiliani (“The most important thing to do is to make certain that we remain on offense against Islamic terrorism”), some followup bluster from John McCain (“If we’d done what the Democrats said to do six months ago, al-Qaeda would be telling the world they beat America”), and then some up-the-ante bluster from Duncan Hunter (“I will never apologize for the United States of America”).

The second question produced — surprise! — some bluster from Fred Thompson (“Islamic terrorism has declared war on us in Western civilization”), more bluster from McCain (“This is a transcendent challenge of our time”), and yet more bluster from Tom Tancredo (“We are living in a world where we are threatened”). Ron Paul tried to break the mold, but only got booed for his efforts.

Nickel summary: Stay on the offense, never surrender, and never apologize, because Western civilization is under threat from the transcendent challenge of our time. See how easy it is? I’ve just written an entire section of the 2008 Republican platform for them. No need to thank me, though. I’m doing it for the children.