WHO’S THE SPY?….Three dots:

  • Yesterday Joe Klein quoted an intelligence source telling him that our “collection” capability in Iran had improved considerably over the past few years. In other words, we have better sources.

  • Walter Pincus reported today that although the NIE’s new conclusions are based on years of evidence, briefings to Bush administration officials only began in July. This suggests that the key evidence that changed the intelligence community’s opinion about Iran’s nuclear program didn’t fall into place until the middle of this year.

  • In February, a former Iranian deputy defense minister, Ali Reza Asghari, “disappeared” into Turkey and reportedly sought asylum in the U.S. According the The Australian, “General Asghari’s crossing of the line, whether voluntary or not, is a resounding blow for the Iranian Government since he is privy to its most intimate secrets, particularly those concerning its nuclear capabilities and plans.”

Italics mine. Juan Cole has much more on Asghari here, including speculation that Asghari might also have provided the information that led to the Israeli bombing of the suspected Syrian nuclear site in September.

At the moment this is just gossip. But interesting gossip!

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