SANCTIONS AND THE NIE….Robin Wright reports that new sanctions against Iran are making steady progress at the UN:

The draft of the long-delayed third resolution is still being negotiated, and early versions are often tougher than the final product. But its scope is significantly wider than the two previous U.N. resolutions, even though it does not go as far as the sweeping sanctions the United States took unilaterally in October against the 125,000-member Revolutionary Guard Corps, Quds Force and three banks, officials say.

….The proposal indicates that there is still an appetite for significant new punitive measures against Iran even after the U.S. National Intelligence Estimate last week concluded that Tehran had halted its nuclear weapons program four years ago, according to officials from several countries.

“The international community is not being dissuaded by the NIE,” says an unnamed European diplomat. Perhaps so. Or perhaps the NIE is actually making things easier?

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