GIULIANI CRATERING…. ABC has a new national poll out, and on the Democratic side it’s a snooze: no one has gained or lost more than three points of support.

On the Republican side, however, the news is much more interesting: Huckabee is gaining and Giuliani is falling. In fact, he’s cratering. He’s lost 9 points overall, and as the handy chart on the right shows, he’s losing big in every single subcategory. Most interesting, I think, is his free fall among people who are “very closely” following the race. This seems like a bellwether, no? These people have already reacted to the news that Giuliani tried to hide the details of his security expenses back in 2000 because he didn’t want anyone to know he was visiting his mistress in the Hamptons, but surely the less attuned will eventually hear about this too.

It’s hard to call this good news, since Huckabee and the rest are no prizes either, but someone has to be the worst of the lot, right? And Giuliani is it. So: good news it is.