HUCKABEE LOSES THE CIGAR LOVERS VOTE….Five years ago Mike Huckabee denounced the Cuban trade embargo as bad for business. Unfortunately, that’s a position that’s also bad for winning votes in Florida, which means that a flip-flop was called for. Apparently, though, Huckabee didn’t have energy to come up with some lame excuse for changing his mind, so instead he just flat out admitted he was pandering to win votes. Here’s his explanation:

“Rather than seeing it as some huge change, I would call it, rather, the simple reality that I’m running for president of the United States, not for reelection as governor of Arkansas.”

Full story here, including this: “Huckabee on Monday won an endorsement from Marco Rubio, Florida’s Cuban American state House speaker….He said his decision was based largely on Huckabee’s new views on Cuba.”