Was it for all Those Ticker Tape Parades They Thought They Were Going to Get?

WAS IT FOR ALL THOSE TICKER TAPE PARADES THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE GOING TO GET?….ThinkProgress passes along the news that federal spending on paper shredding has increased over 500% since George Bush took office. Consider this an open thread for paper shredding jokes.

UPDATE: In other news from ThinkProgress, Bill O’Reilly apparently thinks that certain retailers should be exempt from his “War on Christmas” tirades. Namely, retailers that sell a lot of books. More specifically, retailers who sell a lot of Bill O’Reilly’s books. Gutsy as always, Bill.

UPDATE 2: Emailer JMK suggests that maybe all the shredded paper was for the $20 million Iraq war victory celebration that Republicans budgeted for 2006 and then rolled over into 2007. Maybe!