BRIAN ROEHRKASSE, PLEASE LEAVE THE BUILDING….Most of the Justice Department leaders responsible for the U.S. Attorney scandal have long since resigned. Alberto Gonzales left in September. Deputy AG Paul McNulty gave notice a few weeks before that. Bradley Schlozman left at around the same time. Kyle Sampson is gone. Mike Elston is gone. Monica Goodling is gone.

But one of the prime figures in the scandal is not only still around, but got a promotion: Brian Roehrkasse, a Bush 2000 campaign worker who worked as a spokesman for the DOJ Office of Public Affairs during the USA scandal, was promoted in August to head the entire office. In the December issue of the Monthly, Bud Cummins, one of the U.S. Attorneys who was fired last year, says it’s time for him to leave too. “Roehrkasse did more than perhaps any other DOJ official to disseminate the avalanche of untruths,” Cummins writes. Then, “out of dozens of examples,” he lists Roehrkasse’s five biggest whoppers. You can read ’em here.