Some Advice on Where to Have Your Next Heart Attack

SOME ADVICE ON WHERE TO HAVE YOUR NEXT HEART ATTACK….One of the lessons from Shannon Brownlee’s book Overtreated is that you really ought to avoid hospitals. Today, a new report puts some meat on those bones:

People who suffer cardiac arrest are more likely to survive if they are in a casino or airport than if they are in a hospital, researchers said today.

….A new study shows that only a third of victims in hospitals survive — primarily because patients do not receive life-saving defibrillation within the recommended two minutes….For reasons that are not clear, black patients were less likely to receive the treatment within the two-minute window.

Bottom line: in airports and casinos, half of all cardiac arrest victims survive. In hospitals, only a third survive. So if you’re smart, you’ll have your cardiac episode in an airport, not a hospital. If you’re black, you’d be super smart to do so.

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