AFTER A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP, I STILL THINK THE SAME THING I THOUGHT YESTERDAY….One of the nice things about being a hermit blogger is that I almost never get sick anymore. Sadly, the holiday party/eating/visiting/shopping season puts my immune system back into normal circulation, and this year I didn’t quite make it through. So I’m sitting here with a cold, trying to think of something interesting to say about yesterday’s primary through puffy eyes and a fuzzy brain, and nothing is popping up. I still think Obama had a helluva victory last night and is now the likely (though far from certain) Democratic nominee, while Huckabee also had a helluva victory but seems highly unlikely to be the eventual Republican nominee.

So who will be? I don’t know, but after watching this I sure hope it isn’t John McCain. What an imperialist! Then again, I also hope it won’t be Rudy Giuliani. What a lunatic! And not Huckabee of course. What an empty Bible-thumping suit! But not Mitt Romney or Fred Thompson either. What a couple of image mongers! Can I root for them all to lose?

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