THE FEVER SWAMP….Former Dan Quayle speechwriter Lisa Schiffren is…..what? To be admired for laying her psyche so bare in public? To be pitied for having the psyche she apparently has? I’m not sure. But here she is today at The Corner:

You know what? Deep in my psyche, in the place that kind of misses the toothache I’ve been prodding at with my tongue, I am having a tiny little pang of missing Hillary. Not her, but hating her. Hating Hillary has been such a central political impulse for so long now — 15 years — and I have had to work so hard to keep it up as she became more appealling looking, less shrill, more human — I don’t really know what I will do with that newly freed strand of energy.

As long as we’re laying our cards on the table, this is one of the things that keeps me on Hillary’s side regardless of anything to do with issues or tactics or rhetoric or anything else. I just hate the idea that the fever swamp has been able to turn a perfectly decent liberal woman into such an object of malign loathing. If she loses, then she loses. But by God, I don’t want her to lose because millions of Schiffren’s fellow travelers have carried on a 15-year vendetta of sick-minded smears and hatred. Enough’s enough.

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