ON THE TRAIL….And the top political story of the day is….Hillary Clinton displaying a brief moment of emotion. At a campaign stop today, after she was asked how she puts up with the rigors of campaigning, her eyes “appeared to well up” (Washington Post) and her voice “softened and lowered to a near-hush” (New York Times), providing a “dramatic coda to a campaign in which she has largely offered voters policy prescription” (Los Angeles Times).

Indeed. This sparked ABC News’ headline writer to ask breathlessly, “Can Clinton’s Emotions Get the Best of Her?” — a question that will undoubtedly be the lead story on all three networks tonight, right alongside John Edwards gallantly refusing to comment on the story just moments before deciding that he ought to comment after all. “I think what we need in a commander-in-chief is strength and resolve,” he said, doing his gender proud.

Somebody shoot me. But hey, in for a penny, in for a pound. As long as I’m writing about this, I might as well ask the only question that anyone really cares about: Does this help or hurt? And what will be the response of the pack?