MORE BICKERING….Eric Martin is fed up with endless talk about “change”:

There is also something else that I’m hoping Hillary’s New Hampshire victory does: tamps down the breathless repetition of the “change” meme — in both phrase and concept….I appreciate that Obama has seized on a compelling narrative, but the media’s wholesale and uncritical acceptance and dissemination of it has left me scratching my head trying to figure out where the there is.

….For Democratic voters who are uncomfortable with [Dennis Kucinich] — or rightly wonder about his ultimate electability — the candidate promising the next highest quotient of “change” is clearly John Edwards….Yet, curiously enough, Obama has been tagged as the man who would shake up Washington — a new kind of politician with a new kind of message — while Edwards is ignored (or marginalized as “angry”) and Clinton is pegged as the hidebound insider.

But I think this misses the point. Obama isn’t really campaigning as a person who will change policies any more than Clinton or Edwards, he’s campaigning as a person who will change the tone in Washington. He’s the anti-bickering candidate.

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