CLINTON vs. McCAIN, ROUND 2….The other day I suggested that in a general election Hillary Clinton would probably do as well against John McCain as Barack Obama would. Basically, I figured that although Obama might do better at snagging independents than Clinton, Clinton might do better at winning the votes of women. What’s more, McCain would play the experience card against Obama big time, but wouldn’t have as much luck playing it against Clinton.

Which all sounds great, but what about those polls showing that Obama outperforms Clinton in a head-to-head matchup against McCain? Basically, my position on Wednesday was that these polls are meaningless this far ahead of the election. However, there’s a new poll out that backs me up and gives Hillary a slight lead over Obama in a matchup against McCain, so naturally I’m reevaluating my position. Polls that suggest I’m right can’t be completely meaningless, can they?