RUDY’S FALL….As a followup to the news that Rudy’s poll numbers are tanking even in his home state of New York, here’s a question: what happened? Was it really the Shag Fund story that killed him? It’s a little hard to believe that of all things, that was the one that killed him, but his collapse in the polls sure does match up with the initial release of the story. It looks like Judi was his Achilles heel after all.

Equally interesting is that Huckabee’s rise in the poll is practically a mirror image of Rudy’s fall. Could it be that the Shag Fund was the straw that broke the evangelical back? When the story broke, did all the evangelicals who were supporting Rudy despite his social liberalism finally decide that enough was enough and go scurrying in Huckabee’s direction? It sure seems that way.

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